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Mailbox Rentals

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If you're out of town for an extended trip, we can hold your mail or forward it to you. You can also avoid needless trips to check your mailbox. Simply call in to see if any mail you're looking for has arrived. We can receive deliveries for you from almost any carrier. That means all of your packages and overnight letters will be delivered and held in a secure location, even when you're not available to sign for them.

Why open a mailbox at Columbia Copy?

  • Broadway address
  • Open late and on weekends
  • More economic than the UPS store

Your mail "ADDRESS TO":
NEW YORK, NY 10025

Price List

Mailbox Rentals: Personal Price
Small Box $30/month
Medium Box $45/month
Large Box $70/month
Mailbox Rentals: Business Price
Small Box $40/month
Medium Box $60/month
Large Box $90/month
1 month extra with the advance payment of 6 months
3 months extra with the advance payments of 1 year

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